člen European Regional Science Association

Program of the 5th Winter Seminar


Wednesday, 11th March 2015
13.00 – 15.00    Registration
13.30 – 14.30    Lunch
15.00    Opening Session
Chair: Oto HUDEC

Slavka KLASOVA: Regional Innovation Systems in Slovakia and Symbolic Knowledge Base
Discussant: Richard Heriban

Balazs PAGER: The relationship between the entrepreneurial activity and the entrepreneurial performance influencing factors in the European regions
Discussant: Slavka Klasova

Richard HERIBAN: Exploration of labour force mobility in Slovakia (using the gravity model)
Discussant: Lukas Sekelsky

Lukas SEKELSKY, Stefan REHAK: Students as workers on urban labour market
Discussant: Balazs Pager

17.00    Coffee Break
17.15    Second Session
Chair: Miroslav SIPIKAL

Monika SISEROVA: Resilience of the most prosperous municipalities
Discussant: Evgeniya Tonkova

Evgeniya TONKOVA: Marketing for developing municipalities
Discussant: Monika Siserova

Tomas JACKO, Adam SIBERT: ESO reform in Slovakia – past, present and future
Discussant: Veronika Fercikova

Veronika FERCIKOVA: Governance and Performance of Water Services in Slovakia. Comparative study.
Discussant: Tomas Jacko_Adam Sibert

18.30    Dinner and Reception

Thursday, 12th March 2015   
09.00    Joint voluntary leisure activity for the participants
16.00    Coffee Break
16.15    Third Session
Chair: Christoph WEISS

Andrzej CIESLIK: Endogenous agglomeration externalities and the location of foreign direct investment in Poland
Discussant: Martin Alexy

Viktoria JOZSA: Reindustrialising Europe? – Finding comparative advantages in the CEE region
Discussant: Andrzej Cieslik

Martin ALEXY, Marek KACER: Limits of correlation analysis – selection of explanatory variables based on correlations
Discussant: Viktoria Jozsa

18.00    Dinner
18.45    Keynote lecture:
Christoph WEISS - Information and Price Dispersion in Space: Theory and Evidence
Chair: Stefan REHAK

Friday, 13th March 2015
09.00    Joint voluntary leisure activity for the participants
14.45    Coffee Break
15.00    Fourth Session
Chair: Andrzej CIESLIK

Petter BOYE: The Dynamics of Co-opetition in a Creative Cluster - the ‘Kingdom of Crystal’
Discussant: Gabor Fazekas

Eva BELVONCIKOVA: Value (?) chain in the performance art in the Bratislava region
Discussant: Petter Boye

Gabor FAZEKAS: The Potential of Tourism in Light of the Chinese FDI in Central and Eastern Europe
Discussant: Eva Belvoncikova

16:15    Coffee Break
16.30    Fifth Session
Chair: Petter BOYE

Pal SZABO, Mate FARKAS: Different Types of Regions in Central and Eastern Europe Based on
Spatial Structure Analysis
Discussant: Katarina PETRIKOVA, Kamila BORSEKOVA, Anna VANOVA

Valeria SZITASIOVA, Miroslav SIPIKAL: Exploring Directions of Innovation Support from the European Union - Analysis of Assisted Firms in Slovakia
Discussant: Rudolf PASTOR

Katarina PETRIKOVA, Kamila BORSEKOVA, Anna VANOVA: Design for innovations in territories
Discussant: Pal SZABO, Mate FARKAS

Rudolf PASTOR: Start-up and spin-off firms in the Bratislava region and their support in relation to the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020
Discussant: Valeria SZITASIOVA, Miroslav SIPIKAL

18:00    Discourse: Tourism in High Tatras – Iveta NINAJOVA
19.30    Closing Reception with Dinner   
Best Paper of the 5th Winter Seminar Prize Award
Best Photo of the 5th Winter Seminar Prize Award

Saturday, 14th March 2015
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