člen European Regional Science Association

Program of the 4th winter seminar of regional science


Wednesday, 29th January 2014

14.30    Lunch

15.30    Registration

16.00    Keynote Lecture: John Pickles: Relations, Chains, Networks, and Contexts in Regional Economies

17.00    First session
Prochadzkova, M. : Development of Slovak Networks of Inventors
Pager, B. : The Innovation Systems in Central and Eastern European Regions with Special Attention to the Hungarian Cases

18.00    Coffee Break

18.15    Second session
Letovanec, M.: Program Budgeting: The Supportive  Tool to Combat Economic Crisis in the Regions?
Fercikova, V.: Measurement of Performance in Public Organization: Current Approaches
Kotulak, J.: Standardization of Public Services

20.00    Dinner and Reception

Thursday, 30th January 2014
09.00    Joint voluntary leisure activity for the participants

15.00    General Assembly Meeting  (invitation only)

16.00    Coffee Break

16.15    Third session
Lengyel, B. et al. : Related Variety and the Entrance of Foreign and Domestic Companies in Hungary: Towards a Transition Economy Approach
Siranova, M. , Kotlebova, J.: Ukraine as a Possible Growth Pole for EU28 Economic Region 
Sipikal, M. , Szitasiova, V.: Regional Dimension of Education Support in Slovakia

18.00    Dinner

19.00    Fourth session
Dzupka, P. : Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013 – First Results from Evaluation
Belvoncikova, E., Rehak, S. Value Chain(S?) in Art Based Creative Industries in Slovakia
Pastor, R., Parizkova, J.: Creative industries - Fashion Design in the Bratislava Region
Friday, 31st January 2014

09.00    Joint voluntary leisure activity for the participants

15.45    Coffee Break

16.00    Fifth session
Ondos, S. et al.: Do the universities in the UK increase business startup rates within their locality?
Sekelsky, L.: Local Impact on a Student of UEBA in the Labor Market
Chaparro, A.: Clusters as Strategic of Competitive Adventage

17:30    Coffee Break

17.45    Sixth Session
Smehylova, Z., Pawera, R.: Chanelling Cohesion Policy Funds Towards Roma Inclusion (The Case of Slovakia)
Cernenko, T.,Rubisova, M.: Survey on Wellbeing, Quality of Public Services and Consumption of them - The Methodology Behind
Heriban, R. : Spatial Planning And Quantitative Analysis Of Housing And Popular Concentration in the Area of Service Infrastructure In the Slovak Republic

19.30    Closing Reception with Dinner   
Best Paper of the 4th Winter Seminar Prize Award