člen European Regional Science Association

Program of the 3rd Winter Seminar of Regional Science


Wednesday, 20th March 2013

14.30 Lunch
15.30 Registration

16.00 Keynote Lecture: Gunther MAIER: Real Estate Appraisal by Use of Spatial Hedonic Price Methods

17.00 First Session

Wokoun R. - Krejcova, N.: Regional Competitiveness in the Czech Republic
Kurylchyk, K.: Real Estate Investment Risks in the CEE Region

18.00 Coffee Break

18.15 Second session

Hlavacek,P., Koutsky, J., Olsova, P.: Territorial Differentiation in Impact of the Economic Crisis on Regions in The Czech Republic
Cernenko, T.: Impact of Public Administration Structural Reform on Local Democracy
Bircar, F.: Local Authorities and the Level of Public Participation

20.00 Dinner and Reception

Thursday, 21st March 2013

09.00 Winter Seminar Hiking Tour

Joint voluntary leisure activity for the participants. Meeting point: Hotel Tulipan at 9.00, Tour Duration: ca. 4 hours

15.00 Coffee Break

15.15 Session

Dzupka, P.: Košice European Capital of Culture 2013 – What Changes Can Be Expected?
Belvoncikova, E.: Graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design – Where They Want To Live and Create?
Babjakova,B. - Chrenekova, M.: Creative Industries in Nitra Region
Pastor, R. - Parizkova, J.: Creative Industries – Fashion Design in Slovakia: Case Study of The Bratislava Region

16.45 Coffee Break

17.00 Session

Balodis, J.: The Local Innovative Economy Development of Latvian Coastal Borderlands
Hudec, O., - Prochadzkova, M.: The Relative Efficiency of Knowledge Innovation Procesess in EU Countries
Klasova: International Trade in Creative Goods. The case of Slovakia
Prochadzkova, M.: Regional Networks of Innovators – Case of Slovakia

18.30 Dinner

19.30 Keynote Lecture: Alexandru MINEA The Size Does Matter: New Evidence on the Effect of Intellectual Property Rights on Innovation

Friday, 22nd March 2013

09.00 Winter Seminar Hiking Tour. Joint voluntary leisure activity for the participants. Meeting point: Hotel Tulipan at 9.00, Tour Duration: ca. 6 hours

15.45 Coffee Break

16.00 Session

Simpach, O.: The Impact of Regional Migration on Potential Future Size and Structure of the Selected Czech Districts: The Application of the Complete Prediction Model
Cieslik, A., Rokicki, B.: Wages and Regional Economic Potential in Poland: The New Economic Geography Approach
Adamovsky, J.: Applicability of Urban Resilience Concept For Post-Industrial Areas in Transition Economies
Avetisyan, S. - Cernenko, T. - Rehak, S.: Urban amenities and internal migration in Slovakia

17:30 Coffee Break

17.45 Closing Session

Martiskova, M.: Who Gets the EU Funds?
Chaparro, A.: Clusters, Competitiveness and Regional Development: The Case of Tequila Cluster
Szitasiova, V., Sipikal, M.,: Evaluation of EU Regional Policy - Education Support in Slovakia

19.30 Closing Reception with Dinner

Best Paper of the 3rd Winter Seminar Award